Dog Logic

by Plainclothes

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released September 1, 2015

Recorded and Mastered by Ian van Opijnen at Echoroom Recording
Cover artwork by Plainclothes



all rights reserved


Plainclothes Boston, Massachusetts

emo/punk band from massachusetts // dog logic out now via counter intuitive records

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Track Name: Poodles and Pool Noodles
With a conscious full of smoke
and early morning radio.
If you don’t have the time to stop and watch the sunrise
than why even bother ponder the stars at night.
Just drive yourself the long way home.
We’re philosophical musing
amusing ourselves
Track Name: Burt Reynolds, Burnt Candles
Where I belong is in my head
but not in my hands
out of reach from step and stride
it feels like floating outside the current
waiting for rescue and drowning at sea
well I know now the upside of being underwater
is finally sharing all your warmth
that in which you can still achieve
just swim back to the shore
Track Name: Luftwaffe Pigeon
I know it’s hard to talk about life like a Luftwaffe pigeon
but they’re dive bombing us with all their shit
so try to make a game of living
of laughing, lying, and breathing
kid you need to take the good with the bad or it’s all just a drag
and your old and your dead inside
like your parents were before the war
before the shit hit the fan
you’re still living and loveless
but it’s hopeless feeling that heartless
she’ll keep wishing on stars
and praying to god
you can’t change the way things are sometimes
all the while you’ll keep hoping
you’ll keep both eyes open
and someday you’ll remember what it’s like
to be one half of the whole
Track Name: Albert Einstein
how do you connect with anyone around you
when I hurt about the way that people are in the middle
falling out of conversations I’m writing
but i’m not sure who we’re supposed to be
in the middle; falling out of conversations
I’m writing philosophies on misanthropy
in the middle; we’re falling out of
I’ll write you when I get home
and know where I’m supposed to be
It’s too bad all the stories we made up
where they came from was pure fiction, I’m tired of this scene
and I’m a bet that says “no good Hemingway gets drunk and writes something bad about me”
well why do I care, it’s your life and I’ve no say
Track Name: Crouton Cracker Jacks
one sided you’re nothing, but holes in the ceiling (i put up)
our time can be two-timing
does it mean anything
sleep when you want to
or work longer hours on small schemes and small pursuits
it’s all in what you choose to do
and all just stay home
we can’t remember younger years
but we pass by our old houses and hope that time hasn’t changed us too much
we start over and move forward
if only I could
Track Name: Julia's Caesar Salad
you get fucked up every night
I thought you’d say goodbye
instead you took the knife and turned my insides out
youthful wisdom
get a life or live a lie
because you're out of your mind
Track Name: Irrelevant Skeletons
get off your high horse
you’re never gonna be
what you think you are
what’s on your TV
that’s an idealized popcorn kernel culture
made up to make you feel like
irrelevant skeletons
desensitized you’re irreverent
made cardboard cutouts of your insignificance
now I can’t feel anything anymore
Track Name: Saltine Crackers
how bad did you lose it
abused and your down and out
it’s too bad you’ve got a bad taste in your mouth
but we’re honest now
don’t tell me how it got so bad we stopped going out
forgot all our friends could make us into different shapes
to grow on and get out
Track Name: Categorical Imperative
I can’t stand anything or anyone anymore
than I can stand myself
pacing around and I feel like hell
but when you’re here I don’t feel so down on myself
Immanuel Kant why can’t I think of anyone
why can’t I be absolute
why can’t I think of anyone but myself and no one else